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Popcorn Ceiling Removal


Vintage can be amusing, but it is not always reliable most especially when we are talking about the popcorn ceiling. Some people may agree that old houses need a popcorn ceiling removal. Luckily, it’s one of our expertise, getting rid of acoustic ceilings or also called textured ceilings. It is a job we would skillfully do for you.

Removing popcorn ceiling yourself can be difficult. Once done incorrectly it can cause further damage that can cost more money than you have saved for doing a DIY popcorn removal. Well, worry no more as Drywall Pros Nashville is continuously prompt and equipped to remove your cottage cheesy roof and replace it with the texture and paint of your choice. Our contractors in Nashville, TN will give you the exceptional results to meet your expectation and more. We always strive to tailor-fit our plan with your necessities and desires.

Some consider ceilings as a focal point of their home if you have the same thoughts, we understand how eager you wanted to remove those uneven surfaces — no need to wait for a few more days of suffering and seeing an eyesore view at home. Contact us now if you are ready to make a change.

Why should the popcorn ceiling be removed?

Let’s admit it there are still some houses that would rather leave the popcorn ceiling to add remarkable vintage vibes on their home. However, there are some who thinks that this crater-like surface has more disadvantage than advantage.

One reason to remove it is its bumpy ceilings which are difficult to repair. If the surface gets damage at any point, it will have a crack or leak then the entire roof will have to be treated. Additionally, cleaning is difficult considering the texture of the surface, the rough crevices gather more dirt in the house. On top of that, 70’s types of popcorn ceiling have asbestos which is very dangerous to our health as it contains a cancer-causing toxin.

Our service coverage

Ceilings aren’t usually the first design element people notice after entering a room, but with a better ceiling, it can make a significant difference on your home. Here’s what we will do on popcorn ceiling removal.

  • Ensure that your furniture, appliances and other personal stuff are covered or adequately removed from the site.
  • Protecting the walls and floors by applying floor shield and putting easily removed tape to avoid any cracks and damage on all the corner of the room.
  • Contractors will expertly remove the popcorn ceilings to reveal the primary drywall surface.
  • Making sure that all lumpy surface is well-scraped and polished.
  • Cleaning all debris and random scrap on the site before proceeding to the next step.
  • Fixing the drywall ceiling if necessary.
  • Application of your preferred texture and paint for your new and improve roof.
  • Lastly, cleaning all the mess and making sure that your home is now more comfortable and define.

We can’t wait to start this project with you. Contact us and let’s say goodbye to your popcorn ceiling now!